False Physics

The Idea

The goal of the game is to solve all rooms on all levels(as always). To solve a room the player needs to collect a certain number of items(coins) before exiting. The player must take advantage of the items in the room to reach the coins, block defenses, open doors. The Items in a room include blocks, cylinders, spheres, doors, defenses, different floors... Each behaving a little different. Also the physical rules may slightly vary from level to level. So the player needs to learn them by trial and error.

The Environment

The game plays in a checkerboard environment with different height levels.

The Items

The player can push items like "wood blocks" or "ice cylinders", they might move, or they might not. They might slide a few fields, or roll all over the room. Everything depends on their properties and the rules defined in the level. Usually pushing something isn't the whole thing, the moving objects could collide with others and affect them.


Well it's pretty hard to explain a game without showing a demo. I'll better get back to my code and produce a few good lines.